About Us

Mysterium gatherings surround worshippers with an atmosphere that encourages reflection and meditation. The senses are engaged in many ways through images, smells, sounds, silence, movement, stillness, and music.

Mysterium is an experience that is gracious and diverse so that it may be meaningful to many different people. Participants are encouraged to move about the sacred space throughout our time of gathering by:

  • crafting or drawing a picture at the creativity centre
  • writing reflections or poetry in the journal nook
  • placing a candle in the prayer wall
  • making an offering of intention on the altar
  • having someone pray with them at the prayer niche
  • watching our featured artist in the process of creating

We who lead Mysterium do not seek to give answers so much as to provide an opportunity to explore the mystery of God, life, and faith. We are simply fellow travelers in this journey together, not experts who know everything. We are enriched when we share our journey with each other, and we hope you will join us at Mysterium.