People Often Reach

Unknown Author – April 2014

"People often reach
     for position
Jesus reached for a
     towel to wash feet
      and serve others

People often reach
     for the highest place
Jesus left the highest place
     to reach for people."

He loves you!!!

He reaches for you.
     He cares
     He's WITH you
He longs for you heart give you
      His Peace
      His Life
      & His eternal Love.

Peace and Love!

Today I had a Fear

Unknown Author – May 14/10

Today I had a fear.

A fear that my husband was not honest.  A fear that he didn’t want me.  A fear that he didn’t understand what happened.

I also feared that a friend was manipulating the situation.  I feared that she still wanted to be a friend.  I feared that she has her own issues, but won’t accept that she does.

I gave these fears up to the Lord.  They didn’t go away.  They didn’t get easier.  But they became bearable, for I know the Lord watches over me.


Unknown Author – May 8/09

Sound was necessary for creation to occur.  Without sound our world would not be what we see, for sound completes the image.

Even if you could not hear it, sound would still exist.