People Often Reach

Unknown Author – April 2014

"People often reach
     for position
Jesus reached for a
     towel to wash feet
      and serve others

People often reach
     for the highest place
Jesus left the highest place
     to reach for people."

He loves you!!!

He reaches for you.
     He cares
     He's WITH you
He longs for you heart give you
      His Peace
      His Life
      & His eternal Love.

Peace and Love!

Palabras no son Palabras

Unknown Author – 2009

Palabras no son palabras.
Lo que digo no es lo que oyes.
¿Adónde fueron mis palabras?
¿Cómo puedes entenderme cuando nadie
  habla la misma idioma?
¿Hay una?
¿Aún existen mis pensamientos, mis sueños?
¿Alguien puede contestarlos?
The Spirit prays for us in groans that words cannot express.


By Deb R. – 2009

In the bread Your body,
In the wine Your blood.
You then left both
On the holy Rood,
And saved us all:
For love You stood.

My Friend

Unknown Author – 2010

My friend has brought me here.
25 years ago
Darren ... just a boy
Knew Jesus.
Asked me if I did....
"No, He isn't real," I said.

And as I said it,
I hoped He didn't hear me
Darren was a friend
Who told me about his best friend.
A friend has brought me here.

Many years later,
A tiny child
Not yet human in the eyes of some,
Asked for life.
"He's gone," they said.
"He's here," I said.
And I prayed to Him
For the first time ever.
He heard me, the child lived
And is now a young man.
His life has brought me here.

Jesus, you are real.
You are my friend.
The friend who brought me here.


By Deb R.

When I seek to refine
The thoughts in my mind;
When I unwind my thoughts
Of what your love brought;
When that love in my soul
In pain takes its toll;
I shall impart to you
The whole of myself.
You know what I've felt,
Now you will pursue
To throw off the beast
Whose pain does not cease.
When my whole self finds peace
To you I am released